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Yes! You can use bactine on dogs, however, it is not recommended to use the cream for topical use. The cream can be used internally, instea...

Yes! You can use bactine on dogs, however, it is not recommended to use the cream for topical use. The cream can be used internally, instead.

If you notice that your dog has a cut scrape, etc., you are tempted to apply Bactine on it. That is because Bactine was found not only capable of reducing chances of infection, but it also provided some pain relief. However, before proceeding to actually use Bactine, you (as a parent) might consider taking some time to read this passage about the product on the package. Responsible dog parent) will probably find yourself trying to figure out whether it’s a good idea.

Is Bactine safe for dogs? Yes, Bactine is safe for dogs. But it is not recommended for puppies and dogs under 18 pounds. And it contains licodaine, which is toxic to dogs.

In this article, we address the question – is it proper to use the antibiotic Bactine on dogs?

wink news matt devitt dog of the day

What Is Bactine?

Before proceeding to answer the question can you use Bactine on dogs, it is important to first understand what exactly the Bactine is. As it turns out Bactine is simply an antiseptic. It is in the category of topical antiseptics. This is to say that it is applied on the skin directly on the spot where the infection occurred. It is important that Bactine is applied quickly after an infection occurs. In slight wounds. Antiseptics help to reduce infection. As such, they may be helpful at keeping small wounds from worsening.

The main ingredients in Bactine are Benzalkonium Chloride and Licodaine. It is the Benzalkonium Chloride that is responsible for the antiseptic effect. The Licodaine on the other hand is actually an anesthetic agent. It therefore serves the purpose of numbing the spot where there is an injury. (for a short period of time). This translates to relief from pain and itching.

Can You Use Bactine On Dogs?

In answering the can you use Bactine on dogs question there are two aspects we need to pay attention to. Firstly we need to find out is Bactine safe for dogs? Or is Bactine toxic to dogs? Secondly we need to find out whether Bactine can be useful to dogs.

After determining that the Bactine product is safe to use, and that it reliably works, we can consider answering the can you use Bactine on dogs question.

With regard to safety, Bactine is considered quite safe. The key ingredients in it are Benzalkonium Chloride and Licodaine, both of which are substances dogs can tolerate well.

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Even for normal topical applications, the ingredients in Bactine are very safe for dogs. However, exceeding normal intake by a dog can lead to toxicity.

Thus, it is a fairly dog friendly antiseptic. In reality, Bactine has a decent antiseptic effect. It can keep dog injuries (like cuts, scratches, and scrapes) from getting infected. And the Licodaine in it also provides considerable pain relief.

So knowing that it is both safe and effective can I use Bactine on my dog? Absolutely. Admittedly Bactine is primarily marketed as a human antiseptic cream. And the idea of using human antiseptic cream for dogs may initially feel somewhat wrong. But given its efficacy and safety Bactine is definitely something that you can use on dogs with confidence

Can You Use Bactine Spray On Dogs?

Yes, it is safe to use Bactine spray on dogs. The spray has the active ingredients Benzalkonium Chloride and Licodaine, which are both quite safe for dogs. And the spray is useful in treating minor dog wounds. Benzalkonium Chloride acts as a skin antiseptic. Licodaine contains narcotic drugs that can relieve pain.

The spray may be easier to use than the cream. The spray is white and more of a liquid than the cream.

Therefore, if you have been wondering, “What can I use on my dogs bloody cuts,” now you have an answer. Bactine spray can be useful.

However, it is important to point out that the initial spray of Bactine does sting. Thus for instance when you spray Bactine on dog hot spot, you should anticipate that the dog will show some discomfort.

The can I use peroxide on my dog question is common among people who seek advice for how to use it safely. The main issue with hydrogen peroxide is that it does contain some acetic acid, which can sting the skin. However, the sting is not as bad as that caused by some antiseptic/antibacterial products, such as chlorhexidine gluconate. Bactine spray (or cream) also stings, but it is not as bad.

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